A revolutionary non surgical treatment for Blount’s Disease

How to obtain

  • The Blounts KAFO must be custom made to a cast of your child’s legs.
  • This can be through the hospital treating your child if the Consultant decides to follow a non-surgical treatment plan.
  • Alternatively, please contact us if you wish to discuss arranging private treatment for your child.
  • Together with your treating Consultant and Orthotist we will work to treat your child with this remarkable corrective orthotic device. We always strive to achieve the best result possible.
babies legs whilst sitting

Technical Information

The Custom moulded Blount’s KAFO has been proven to eliminate the need for surgery in many patients.

The KAFO is designed to be worn for 23 hours each day in order provide maximum correction.

Correction is obtained through a simple three-point pressure system.

The combination of the patented swivel hinge on the posterior calf section and the Positive Track Telescoping Ankle Joint ensures the KAFO is self adjusting during dynamic correction. This effectively controls tibial torsion and aligns the foot.

The Blount’s KAFO orthosis directs the force from the lateral to medial side via a patented swivel hinge and elastic strap on posterior of brace below knee hinge. This allows correction to take place even when child is walking or playing.

Other orthoses used to attempt to control Blount’s disease only work when the knee joint is locked therefore inhibiting normal activity and are often worn only when the child is sleeping.

The Blount’s KAFO does not impede normal walking and play activities.

Diagram showing counter and valgus forces from the front and rear
Image of the Blounts KAFO isolated on white

Help for professionals


To place an order for Blounts KAFOs please send us a full length cast of your patient’s legs and feet together with a completed orthometry chart, please add markings as detailed on the orthometry chart.

Should you require any assistance with either the casting or fitting of the KAFOs please contact us, we are delighted to offer technical support either by phone or coming to see you in clinic.

Orthometry chart download

For professionals to download, complete and return to us for ordering of Blounts KAFO. Click to download.

Transfer patterns available in UK

Blount’s KAFO is available in a variety of different styles to suit the personality of the wearer. Click to download.

Fitting instructions

Instructions for orthotists on correct fitting of the Blount’s KAFO device. Click to download.

Wear advice for parents

Instructions for parents, to make sure the brace is correctly used. Click to download.

Case Studies

The following examples are real world patients that were prescribed a course of treatment using the Blount’s KAFO.

Before and after x-rays are shown to illustrate the stark difference in Bilateral Degrees and the amount of correction achieved, as a result of using the Blount’s KAFO.

Fig 1

Fig 2


x-ray before treatment

Actual case, 30 month old female. Patient x-ray before our course of treatment. Initial 15 Degrees Bilateral.

Corrected to 6 degrees Bilateral. Course or treatment: 20 weeks.

Blount’s KAFO

x-ray showing results after treatment

Actual case, 24 month old male. Patient x-ray after our course of treatment. Initial 14 Degrees Bilateral.

Corrected to 5 degrees Bilateral. Course of treatment: 22 weeks

Blount’s KAFO

x-ray of legs at 2yrs old showing Blount's disease

Initial presentation at age 2 years 1 month

x-ray of legs in brace

X rays in brace after wearing for 3 months, mobility reported to be as good in the brace as before supply of brace.

X-ray at 5 yrs showing results

X rays at age 5 years 3 months, has been out of brace for some time, total brace time was approx 12 months.

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